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It is a well-known country for its breathtaking tourist attractions, including beaches, fairy-tale-like scenery and landscapes, commercial cities, museums, historical towns, national parks, countrysides, and so on.

To visit this beautiful nation you will surely need an appropriate Vietnam visa. Vietnam is also known for its adventure activities, such as trekking, boating, cycling, and so on. There are some countries that can enjoy travelling in Vietnam without acquiring a visa for a limited period of time. When a month's worth of travel isn't enough, tourists can apply for a visa extension to stay for extended periods.

What is the Vietnam visa extension?

Foreign nationals need a visa to visit or engage in other activities in Vietnam unless they are from a visa-exempt country. You will be denied entrance if you do not have a visa.

Visitors who wish to extend their stay in Vietnam can apply for a visa extension and can spend 15 more days.

The following are some of the conditions for obtaining a Vietnam visa extension.

  • To complete the Vietnam visa extension process, you must have your passport.
  • To be eligible for an extension, your current Vietnam visa must still be valid.
  • If you have a business or work visa, you will need a sponsor or a registered company to help you extend your visa in Vietnam.
  • During your stay, you should not have committed any crimes or engaged in any illicit activity.

Documents necessary to carry out visa extension.

  1. A valid passport with a validity period of six months and blank pages.
  2. Forms for issuance, supplement, visa amendment, and temporary residence extension.
  3. A legal declaration from your firm and a temporary residency letter from the police may be required for a business or work visa extension.
  4. A formal letter from your company, a temporary residency certificate, and an enterprise registration certificate may be required for an investment visa renewal.


The process to extend a Vietnam visa

  1. You will need to submit the documents that have been mentioned above to the immigration office in Vietnam directly.
  2. Make sure that the documents that you are providing are not fabricated in any way and are valid.
  3. After paying the extension fee, you will receive the Vietnam visa extension.

Places to receive visa extension in Vietnam

  • Ho Chi Minh City immigration office
  • Hanoi immigration office
  • Da Nang immigration office

Vietnam visa extension

Tourist visa

The tourist visa's auto extension, which was issued during the Corona outbreak, has been revoked. If you want to stay in Vietnam on a tourist visa, you'll need to show proof of your onward travel. You can only receive an extension for three months for a three-month single and multiple-entry tourist visa.

Business visa

With a business visa, you are permitted to conduct business in Vietnam. If your stay does not exceed one year and you have a sponsor who assisted you in obtaining your visa, you can apply for a three-month visa extension.

Visa exemption

Vietnam visa exemption is eligible for 15 days and 30 days extension.

What will happen if you overstay in Vietnam

Overstaying your visa in Vietnam may result in issues or possibly harsh repercussions. The fine and punishment for overstaying a visa are determined by the kind of visa and the number of days overstayed. You will be fined, and you may be blacklisted, making it impossible for you to visit Vietnam again.

Tips to avoid overstaying in Vietnam

  • Always verify the expiration date of your Vietnam visa at the airport to prevent entering dates incorrectly.
  • Always keep track of your Vietnam visa's expiration date so that you can request an extension on time.
  • If you want to extend your stay in Vietnam, make sure you apply for a Vietnam visa extension at least seven days before your existing visa expires.
  • Don't wait too long to apply for a visa extension; otherwise, officials may deny your request.
  • Even if your visa has expired and you have not received a visa extension, it is advisable to pay the required fine to authorities.

Why get a Vietnam visa extension?

  • With your visa extension, you will be able to spend extra time in Vietnam.
  • Because the Vietnam visa extension process will be handled through an immigration office, you will not have to leave the country.
  • The amount of time a visa can be extended depends on the type of visa you have.
  • If your flight is delayed for an extended amount of time or you have an urgent meeting in Vietnam, a visa extension will be beneficial.


Travellers come to Vietnam to entertain themselves, however, they sometimes require extra time to explore and enjoy their days. You have learned about the Vietnam visa extension from the preceding article. If you want to stay longer in Vietnam, request a visa extension at least seven days before your existing visa expires to ensure extension approval. Make certain that all of the documents you're sending are accurate and suitable.


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Frequently Asked Questions

 If your passport is lost, you should receive a loss report certificate from the police station and go to the immigration office to get replacement travel documents. With the letter of confirmation you obtained from the Embassy, you will be able to depart.


If you are traveling to Vietnam and wish to stay longer, you can always apply for a visa extension or renewal. A visa extension is recommended because it is a less expensive option with an easy procedure.


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