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Vietnam is well-known for captivating foreign visitors with its enchanting beauty. A vacation to Vietnam allows you to immerse yourself in the colorful culture, magnificent natural beauty, one-of-a-kind sights, exotic flavors, and more adventures than you could ever fit into a single trip.

However, the most crucial component before visiting Vietnam is to obtain a visa. There are several types of visas to pick from, depending on the purpose of your trip. If you only wish to travel for tourism, an E-visa is simple to obtain. If you intend to visit Vietnam on many occasions, make sure you apply for a Vietnam multiple entry visa, which allows you to enter the country multiple times without having to reapply for a new visa.

Multiple entry visa to visit Vietnam

  • A Vietnam multiple entry visa is a type of visa that allows overseas travellers to return to Vietnam with the same visa.
  • It is very convenient for international travellers who want to travel or do business in Vietnam on multiple occasions throughout the validity period of their visa.

Kinds of multiple entry Vietnam visas are available

Multiple-entry tourist visa to Vietnam

  • Multiple-entry tourist visa for 1 month
  • Multiple-entry tourist visa for 3 month
  • Multiple entry tourist visa for 1 year is only available for residents of the US.

Multiple-entry business visa to Vietnam

  • Multiple-entry business visa for 1 month
  • Multiple-entry business visa for 3 month
  • Multiple-entry business visa for 6 month
  • Multiple-entry business visa for 1 year

How to acquire a Multiple entry visa to visit Vietnam?

Obtaining a Vietnam E-visa is the simplest and most convenient means of obtaining a visa for leisure travel. However, because it is a single-entry visa, you will not be able to make multiple entries. You have two more options for obtaining a multiple entry visa, that is to apply online and pick up the visa at the airport, or go to the embassy to get a visa before your trip.


Obtain a multiple entry visa at the Vietnam embassy

Prepare the following documents in advance;

  • The passport is still valid for Six months with enough blank pages to receive stamps.
  • Photos that are passport size and have a clear background without any head accessories and glasses.
  • Your work permit letter to receive your Vietnam work visa.
  • To share information, a valid email address is required.
  • Your entry and exit application form.
  • Debit and credit cards in good working condition.
  • Additional documentation and papers are necessary.

Visa application form - After reaching the embassy, fill out the Vietnam visa application form giving personal information such as your name, Nationality, the reason for travel, and type of visa, and then submit all the papers mentioned above.

Official visa- Pay the visa application and service fee. After the approval, you will be able to retrieve your official passport from the Vietnam embassy in a few days.

You can apply for a Vietnam visa on arrival if you don't want to make repeated journeys to the embassy and stress yourself out, or if your country doesn't have a Vietnam embassy and you don't want to travel to another country.

Multiple entry Vietnam visa on arrival

Step1: Complete the web Vietnam visa application form providing personal information such as your full name, Nationality, date of birth, type of visa, the reason for travel, residential certificate, and travel tickets.

Step2: Attach the digital copies of necessary documents such as the copy of the passport detail page, photographs, work permit letter, vaccination certificate, etc.

Step3: you will receive the letter of approval through the mail and you will have to bring it with you to the airport.

Step4: you will have to get in the queue to present your approval letter to authorities to receive the visa stamp on your passport.

Vietnam Multiple entry visa process time

  • If you apply through an embassy, it will take a long time for your visa to be processed, and you may be required to make multiple trips.
  • To obtain a visa on arrival, you must first obtain an acceptance letter using an online system, and then reapply if your application is denied.
  • You'll have to wait in a queue for a long time at the airport to submit your approval letter and receive a visa stamp on your passport.

Extension of Vietnam multiple entry visa

If you want to stay longer, you can apply for a multiple entry visa extension. You must visit the Vietnam immigration office at least seven days before your existing visa expires. To extend a work or business multiple entry visa, you will need to provide your passport, a police residential certificate, and a corporate official document.



All of the relevant information about the Vietnam multiple entry visa is provided in the preceding article. You can receive a multiple entry visa by visiting an embassy, or you can get a visa on arrival by getting an approval letter online. A multiple entry visa cannot yet be obtained through an online system. You can also get extensions if you want to stay in Vietnam for a longer period of time to travel or conduct business.



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