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Vietnam is a lovely country with a fascinating history. Vietnam has several serene sceneries and extraordinary landscapes throughout the nation that represent the country's natural beauty. The country's tourist industry has been thriving, and it is now one of the most important contributors to the economy. All travel restrictions have been eliminated as well. As more individuals travel to Vietnam, the need for Vietnam visas is expected to rise.

Before applying for a visa to Vietnam, you should be informed of the many types of visas available and how to obtain one. If you plan to visit, you can choose from a variety of visas based entirely on your preferences. You can apply for them in person at a Vietnamese embassy or through an online method.


Types of Vietnam visas offered to foreign countries

1. Tourist Vietnam visa, DL

  • The tourist visa is issued to those who are visiting Vietnam only for tourism. Your tourist visa will be valid for 30 days and if you want further stay then you will have to extend your Vietnam visa

2.  Business  Vietnam visa, DN1, and DN2

  • This visa is granted to those who are going to perform their business activities. You can also take a leisure trip to Vietnam with your business visa.

3. Student/Internship Vietnam visa, DH

  • This Vietnam visa is granted to students who are currently attending a college and associated with a university in Vietnam or doing an internship here.

4. Working Vietnam visa, LD1&LD2

  • This Vietnam visa is valid for two years and granted to those who have come to Vietnam to work. Your company where you will be working is required to apply for an LD visa approval letter.

5. Investor Vietnam  visa DT1, DT2, DT3, DT4

  • This Vietnam visa is granted to those who are planning to invest in Vietnam. There are four investor visas depending upon the capital amount decided by the government. 

6. Diplomatic Vietnam visa, NG

  • This Vietnam visa is granted to government officials, or the delegation visiting Vietnam. 

7. Lawyer Vietnam Visa, LS

  • This Vietnam visa has a validity period of a maximum of 5 years.

8. LV1-LV2

  • This 12 month's valid visa is used when working with Vietnam authorities 

9. NH1, NH2, NH3, NH4

  • These 12 months' valid Vietnam visas are used when a foreigner has to deal with Vietnam authorities.

10. HN

  • It is used for meeting or conference purposes. It is valid for 3 months.

11. PV1, PV2

  • These 12 months' valid Vietnam visas are used by journalists.

12. TT

  • This is provided to other Vietnam visa holders who are spouses of citizens of Vietnam and is valid for 12 months.

13. VR

  • This is a family visit Vietnam visa with a maximum validity of 6 months.

14. SQ

  • This 6-month valid Vietnam visa is given in accordance with the Article 17 clause of Vietnam law.

15. EV

  • This is an electronic visa that is valid for 30 days.

Five years Vietnam visa

A five-year Vietnam visa exemption permits you to visit a country many times without having to apply for a Vietnam visa each time. If you plan to visit Vietnam several times, obtaining a visa exemption certificate is the best option. It can be exhausting to apply for a visa every time you visit Vietnam, especially if you are visiting Vietnam to see family or friends. If you are a Vietnamese student or worker residing overseas, this Vietnam visa will come in handy because you will be traveling frequently.

Ways to apply for a Vietnam visa:

You can acquire a Vietnam visa through the following methods:

Consulate or embassy

  • You can always contact the Vietnam embassy. Following your review of everything, you will be needed to submit all relevant information about yourself as well as other papers. 
  • Then you must retrieve your passport and await the visa decision. If your application is approved, the Vietnam visa will be stamped on your passport, and you will be ready to enter Vietnamese territory.
  • Depending on the cause of your visit, you may also need to submit a letter of approval from Vietnam's immigration service. The Vietnam embassy will be determining how long it could take to process a Vietnam visa.

Using an online system

  • Fill out the online application form on the official website to apply for a Vietnam E-visa. All needed information and documentation, such as your complete name, date of birth, passport number, gender, visa type, nationality, and arrival date, must be filled in. 
  • After completing the application, you must make the needed payments using your debit/credit cards or bank transfers.
  • As soon as you submit your application and make all of the required payments, authorities will begin the procedure of processing your Vietnam E-visa. The approval letter will be mailed to you in two days. 
  • For a single entry, a Vietnam E-visa will remain valid for 30 days. A  Vietnam E-visa usually takes three days to get processed.

Obtaining a visa on arrival

  • If you decide to enter through one of Vietnam's international airports, you will be granted a Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • To begin, you will be making a submission for an application for a permission letter. Fill out the web application on the internet with all of the specified information. Pay the fees and then wait for the application to be processed.
  • Your permission letter for a Vietnam visa will be mailed to you, a copy will be sent to the immigration office at the port where you are supposed to be arriving.
  • You'll need four passport-size clear background photos as well as some money to pay the essential stamping expenses.
  • The letter of acceptance for a Vietnam visa on arrival takes roughly 2-4 days to process.

Documents necessary to acquire a Vietnam visa

  • The passport is still valid for Six months with enough blank pages to receive stamps.
  • Photos that are passport size and have a clear background without any head accessories and glasses.
  • Your letter of approval to receive your Vietnam visa on arrival.
  • Your application form or papers for acquiring a Vietnam visa.
  • Your work permit letter to receive your Vietnam work visa.
  • To share information, a valid email address is required.
  • Your entry and exit application form.
  • Debit and credit cards in good working condition.
  • Additional documentation and papers are necessary and some cash.



If you are from a foreign nation, you will need a visa to enter Vietnam. You can apply for a visa to visit Vietnam through an embassy, an online application, or a visa on arrival. Before visiting Vietnam, you must acquire your Vietnam visa approval letter and have your passport stamped.

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