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Vietnam is a must-see destination. A vacation to Vietnam allows you to immerse yourself in the colorful culture, magnificent natural beauty, one-of-a-kind sights, exotic flavors, and more adventures than you could ever fit into a single trip. For many years, Vietnam and Cambodia have had solid diplomatic relations. Both countries frequently visit each other's countries for bilateral relations, and tourist promotion is an essential factor as well. In order to visit this amazing country, you will need to apply for a Vietnam visa for Colombia Nationals. Depending on your vacation preferences, there are various different types of Vietnam visas to pick from. There are a total of 21 different visas available for international visitors to Vietnam. you can apply solely based on the length of your visit, for example, if you only want to visit once, you can apply for a single entry visa, or if you want to visit numerous times, you may apply for a multiple entry visa. Without a Vietnam visa, you will not be able to enter Vietnam.

Necessary Requirements and papers to acquire a Vietnam visa for Colombian Nationals

  • Passport -  A passport that is still valid for Six months with enough blank pages to receive stamps at the Vietnam international airport.
  • Photos- A photo that is passport size and has a clear background without any kind of headgear and spectacles.
  • Business/Work permit letter- If you are visiting to work there or for any business operation then you must attach a copy of this document.
  • Booking for travel- You will need to show them some kind of proof to show that you are actually traveling to Vietnam such as your plane tickets.
  • Booking for accommodation- You will need to show them your papers for the reservation of your accommodations.
  • Statement of bank and your funds - You will need to submit a copy of your bank statement and show the proof that you are going to Vietnam with enough funds to live there.
  • Approval letter - To receive the visa on arrival, bring a colored print copy of your letter of approval with you to the Vietnam international airport.
  • Application form- Your application form will be needed for an official Vietnam visa.
  • Cash- To pay the fees, cash might be needed.
  • To share information, a valid email address will be needed.
  • Debit and credit cards in working position.

The process to acquire a Vietnam visa for Colombian Nationals

1. How to acquire a visa through the closest Vietnamese embassy 

As of now, there is not a single embassy built in Colombia so to obtain a visa through this process you are advised to go to a Vietnam embassy of another country near Colombia.

  • The procedure to acquire your Vietnam visa for Colombian Nationals begins when you present your application form and passport to the Vietnam embassy. When you arrive, you will be requested to present the essential documents and fill out the appropriate information.
  • You will be required to supply information about the purpose of your visit as well as the type of Vietnam visa you are applying for and the length of the maximum time limit you plan to remain. Before submitting, check two times that the papers you've provided are accurate and suitable.
  • Pay all fees associated with your application for a Vietnam visa for Colombian Nationals, as well as any additional services that may be required.

Depending on where you apply, the procedure and some policies concerning costs may differ. you can collect your Vietnam visa from the embassy in a few days.

How to acquire a Vietnam E-visa through an online system for Colombian Nationals

  • The procedure to get an E-visa Vietnam for Colombian Nationals begins when you complete an online application form on the official portal, supplying all of the requested information. You will be required to submit your full name, birthplace, nationality, gender, arrival date, and other pertinent information.
  • After that, you must pay the application fees, after which they will be sent to the authorities for further processing. In around 3 days, you should receive a clearance letter for your E-visa Vietnam for Colombian Nationals in the mail.
  • Once you've finished the process of submitting all of the asked documents and fees, your application form will be processed and you'll be able to download your Vietnam E-visa in a matter of days.
  • It's a 30-day single-entry visa. You can apply again for a Vietnam visa in case you wish to make another visit to Vietnam.

How to acquire a Vietnam visa on arrival for Colombian Nationals

  • If you enter through one of Vietnam's international airports, you will be granted a Vietnamese visa on arrival for Colombian Nationals. To begin, you must submit an application form for a permission letter. Fill out the online application for a Vietnam visa on arrival providing all of the required information. 
  • Pay the fees for your Vietnam visa and then wait for the application to be processed. Your letter of approval will be mailed to you, with a copy sent to the immigration office at the port where you are expected to arrive.
  • The letter of acceptance for a Vietnam visa on arrival takes roughly 2-4 days to process. Bring your Visa approval letter to the airport to get the official Vietnam visa.


Vietnam is a fantastic spot to spend your vacation and try new and exciting things. You should now be fully aware that if you want to visit Vietnam from Colombia, you will undoubtedly want a Vietnam visa. You can apply for a Vietnamese visa the old-fashioned way by visiting a Vietnam embassy, or you can apply for a visa on arrival in Vietnam via the internet. You must supply all of the requested and relevant documentation. 


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 If a member of your family lives in Vietnam and you plan to visit them frequently, you can apply for a five-year visa exemption.

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