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US Nationals Travel Restrictions for Vietnam

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Corona outbreak has forced the government of Vietnam to change the implication of rules and regulations for travel and tourism. If you are a US citizen and planning to visit Vietnam, then the very first thing your Government will ask you is to refrain from traveling. But if you must go then you must have a valid passport and Vietnam visa to visit Vietnam.

Here are the Latest travel restrictions imposed by the Vietnam government. Check out the articles for your future travel.

COVID 19 entry procedure for US citizens and other foreign travelers

  • Before entering Vietnam you are required to take an RT- PCR test 72 hours before and a rapid test 24 hours before for safety measures.
  • If you haven't taken a COVID test prior to departure then a rapid test will be taken 24 hours after arriving in Vietnam. If the report is negative then you are free to travel without quarantine.
  • Uk, Sweden, Belarus, Denmark, Spain, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, Italy, Japan, Russia, and South Korea are 13 countries for which the visa exemption policy has been resumed by the Vietnamese government regardless of the reason for entry.
  • Vietnam is reopened for international tourism and the travel restrictions on the frequency of regular flights have been lifted by the Vietnam government.
  • Quick test for COVID 19 before boarding and after arriving in Vietnam for US citizens & international travelers has been discarded. But you will have to comply with the RT- PCR test 72 hours before boarding. 
  • US and Foreign travelers will have to go under rapid test before boarding who are coming from countries where the omicron variant was detected at their discretion.
  • Automatic stay extension that had been applied earlier due to the pandemic will be discontinued for US citizens and other foreign travelers by the Vietnam immigration department. 
  • Only five destinations have been confirmed for the resumption of international flights that are US, Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, and Cambodia.
  • US citizens visiting Vietnam for business operations for 14 days or less are not required to deal with quarantine measures but must comply with other pandemic measures and requirements including staying in separate accommodation.
  • Quarantine measures for fully vaccinated US citizens and other travelers have been reduced by the Vietnam government. You are required to arrive with a negative RT- PCR test result and would only have to self-quarantine for 3 days at your own accommodation.
  • Vietnam is also planning to give vaccination facilities to its US citizens and foreign travelers in a three-phase plan.

US embassy in Vietnam has issued the following travel restrictions and rules for US citizens

  • They have reminded the US citizens that they will have to follow the local laws and regulations very strictly and have to comply with Vietnam's government testing and quarantine requirements while traveling or staying in Vietnam.
  • Official government rules regarding local laws, business activities, quarantine, and other moments, traveling in Vietnam can change accordingly with a little notice.
  • Travel advisory for Vietnam was raised to level 4 which is Do Not Travel by the US Department of State.
  • All the previous Vietnam visa restrictions by Vietnam's government were lifted on 15 March and they have resumed the visa issuance policies again.
  • You can come in contact with a Vietnamese Immigration Office to get answers to all your questions about Vietnam visas, residence applications, travel restrictions, entry and exit policies, and any other immigration issues.
  • You are required to show a negative PCR test taken within 72 hours or a rapid test was taken within 24 hours certified by competent health authorities to the health ministry if you want to enter Vietnam borders.
  • You are advised to self-monitor yourself for ten days and if you do not have any COVID 19 symptoms then there is no requirement for quarantine.
  • If you are tested positive and show symptoms of COVID 19 then you will have to go under a 14 day quarantine period.
  • You are liable to pay all your testing and quarantine fees while traveling to Vietnam.

US citizens who are planning to visit Vietnam must ensure the points mentioned below 

  • You are required to read all the necessary travel advisory, entry and exit requirements, local laws, road safety, etc available on official government websites.
  • Be prepared for any kind of crisis without relying on the US government for evacuation.
  • Make sure that you have checked out recommendations for vaccination and other health considerations from the US. Keep the medication that is not illegal in Vietnam.
  • Don't forget to notify your bank and credit card companies to check exchange rates before traveling.
  • Safeguard your documents by making two copies of all your necessary documents and keep one copy with one of your relatives or your family in case of any emergencies.


From the above information, it is clear that now you can visit Vietnam again as the government has opened it for foreign tourism. If you want to travel then you have to comply with the travel restrictions imposed by the Vietnam government and follow other protective measures in accordance with COVID 19.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, the Vietnamese government does not require it. However, being completely immunized is always preferable.

 Unvaccinated people are not subject to any travel restrictions. You should have a 72-hour Covid 19 test PCR negative result report.

You cannot be ordered to quarantine if you are free of Covid-19. If you are fully vaccinated, you will only be quarantined for three days; if you are not fully vaccinated, you will be quarantined for seven days. If this is the case, you should seek help from the authorities.

Yes, you must present a negative PCR test result within 72 hours or a rapid test result within 24 hours.

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