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Travel bans imposed by Vietnam

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Due to a coronavirus outbreak last year, Vietnam implemented very harsh travel restrictions. All international visitors were barred from entering Vietnam. They were turned down for a visa to Vietnam. On March 16, 2022, the Vietnam government lifted the majority of travel restrictions, allowing foreign visitors to freely enter the country after two years. Check out the all updated travel guidelines. 

New rules and restrictions following the removal of the travel ban

1. Covid-19 restrictions

  • 72 hours before visiting Vietnam, take a COVID-19 negative test using the RT-PCR method OR a fast Antigen test 24 hours before entering Vietnam.
  • There is no need for Infants and children who are under the age of two to take any kind of test.
  • Before you make your entry at the Vietnam borders, a health statement should be filled out.
  • If your Covid-19 test is not completed before travel, one will be completed within 24 hours of arrival in Vietnam.
  • If the result of your test came negative, then you can travel anywhere in Vietnam without having to go through quarantine.
  • Before boarding and after landing in Vietnam, Vietnam eliminated the COVID-19 short test for international arrivals. 
  • If you belong to a nation where the Omicron version has been found then you will be subjected to the prescribed measures.
  • However, for overseas arrivals, the negative RT-PCR Covid-19 test must be completed 72 hours prior to boarding.
  • The Vietnam government released a new Directive that allows international employees and abroad Vietnamese with valid TRCs, PRCs, and visa exemption certificates to enter Vietnam without the approval of the immigration department or the local people's committee.

2. Entry restrictions

  • From March 15, the Vietnam government has agreed to reopen Vietnam's borders for international tourism following the lift of the travel ban. 
  • Travelers entering from countries where the Omicron strain has been found will have to pay for a fast COVID-19 test before boarding and when they arrive in Vietnam.
  • Travelers entering Vietnam to conduct business activities for fewer than 14 days would be excluded from quarantine restrictions, but they must follow pandemic prevention measures like sleeping in separate accommodations.

3. Visa procedure

  • Vietnam's government has decided to abolish the limits they had put on the frequency of regular foreign flights 
  • The automatic stay extension for foreigners trapped in Vietnam will be discontinued by the Vietnam government. 

The reason for Viteman's decision to lift the travel ban

1. Economic impact

  • One of Vietnam's most important industries is tourism. The Vietnam government-imposed restrictions on all tourism activities as a result of covid, and people employed in these areas lost their employment.
  • The government of Vietnam has lifted the travel ban, allowing the tourism sector to re-establish itself.

2. Household income

  • The coronavirus caused many people to lose their employment. People who worked in the service section were unable to find work.
  • The Vietnam government made the decision to lift the travel ban. People in the service sector who formerly worked in the tourism department can now find work and a source of income for their families.

3. Unemployment

  • People who worked in the tourism department lost their employment as a result of travel restrictions.
  • They will be able to work again once the government lifts the travel ban. They won't have to involve themselves in many jobs or work long hours to make ends meet.


As a result of the foregoing information, you are completely aware of all the new travel restrictions that have been imposed as a result of the lift of the travel ban. While visiting Vietnam, you must adhere to all rules and regulations and take the precautions recommended by the Vietnam government.

Frequently Asked Questions

They chose to lift the travel ban in order to improve their tourism industry and boost economic growth.

All of Vietnam's destinations are now available for travel. You. All you have to do now is follow the official precautionary measures.

No, children under the age of two do not have to take any form of test.

Yes, you can make a visit to Vietnam if you are from India. All countries are welcome to visit after the travel ban was lifted.


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