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Vietnam is one of the most beautiful and culturally diverse countries on the planet. It's incredible and a fantastic spot to visit. It is a southwest Asian country known for its wonderful tourist attractions, including stunning beaches, old cities like Hoi An, museums, and other scenery. If you're seeking a new adventure and want to learn more about this fascinating country, now is the time to apply for a Vietnam visa. Many people want to visit Vietnam now that its borders have been reopened. Violent crime is quite uncommon in Vietnam. Because tourism is Vietnam's main source of revenue, and the protection of its visitors is a top priority, it is a very safe country to visit. However, there is always the risk that something unexpected will occur. As a result, it's always a good idea to be aware of the things you should keep in mind when visiting Vietnam. Read the article further to gather all information to travel to Vietnam.

Get a Vietnam visa to travel

It's fine if you already have a Vietnam visa, but if you don't, you can apply using one of the following methods.

A. Obtain a Vietnam e-visa for a single entry.

  • Fill out the required application form for the visa application process.
  • Complete all required fields and submit papers.
  • In three days, you will receive your approval letter in the mail and then your Vietnam  E-visa.

B. Get a Visa on approval to Vietnam

  • Fill out the given application form and attach any required documents and information.
  • After you pay the costs, you will receive your acceptance letter in two days.
  • Pack your approval letter, passport, photo, stamp fee, and other documents. You will get your visa on approval to Vietnam at the airport.

C. Visit the Vietnam embassy

  • To apply for a Vietnam visa, go to the Vietnam embassy and present all of your documentation.
  • You will receive your Vietnam visa in a few days.

The best way to travel to Vietnam

  • Air travel is the quickest and most efficient way to get to Vietnam. When compared to other modes of transportation, you can get to Vietnam faster. If you have a visa on approval, you will need to fly to Vietnam.
  • It will take a long time to travel on roads and ships. These alternatives for direct routes are not available to all countries. Other ways will be really exhausting for you, so try to avoid using them.

1. Choose the best season to visit Vietnam

  • It is usually a good idea to investigate what sort of travel is best and most comfortable before visiting Vietnam.
  • Spring and fall are the finest times to visit Vietnam since the weather is pleasant. 
  • It is very hot as well as humid here in Vietnam during the summer. The hot weather may make it difficult for you to visit places, and you may not be able to enjoy yourself. The weather is very chilly in the winter.

2. Look for all the travel requirements

  • Make sure you're up to date on your vaccinations and have your COVID-19 negative report ready to present at the airport.
  • You'll have to run a quick test on the airport itself if you don't have a COVID-19 negative report. So, to avoid any more unnecessary issues, double-check all of the parameters that must be met.

3.  Be aware of scams

  • Although you will not hear of any violent acts in Vietnam, petty crimes are fairly widespread. You could be conned by a Texan, your debit card could be skimmed, you could be overcharged, and so on.
  • To avoid being scammed, make sure you are informed of the basic rates in Vietnam and never give your credit card number to an unknown individual. Use the services of a reputed tourism firm to plan your vacations.

4. Take precautions to ensure your safety.

  • Robbery, pickpocketing, and chain snatching are all quite common crimes in this area. In the vicinity of ATMs and shops, travelers are robbed. Many cases of handbag theft, use of motorbikes in grabbing cameras, gold chains, and cellphones, among other things, would be reported. Late at night, drink spiking is frequent in major cities.
  • To avoid similar situations, keep a running list of the most common actions below. To prevent snatchings, keep an eye out for motorcycles and other two-wheelers. Outside, never leave anything unattended. Always visit nightclubs with a friend and never leave your drinks unattended.

5. Traveling within the country

  • Traffic collisions are rather regular in this area. Roads are not well maintained, resulting in a high number of automobile and motorcycle accidents. To travel securely on the road, always hire a driver.
  • If you don't have a valid Vietnamese driver's license, you could face hefty penalties if you get into a traffic accident. Motorbikes are not a safe mode of transportation, therefore try to avoid them. When you're alone at night, be aware of your surroundings and never share a car or taxi.

Things you should do in Vietnam

  • Because Vietnam is a conservative country, you should always dress modestly.
  • When visiting areas, always use cab drivers.
  • Make sure they're kept safely so they don't go lost. Don't leave anything behind.
  • Always try to be aware of your environment and surroundings.
  • Avoid traveling by yourself at night and in notorious areas.


Things you should not do in Vietnam

  • If you don't have a valid driver's license, don't drive.
  • Don't photograph anything related to the military.
  • Wearing shorts that expose a lot of skin is not a good idea.
  • Don't forget to observe all of Vietnam's rules and regulations.
  • Don't get caught up in any political squabbles.

Vietnam quick Facts 

  • Hanoi is the country's capital.
  • Europe and China have had a significant influence on their culture.
  • There are many stunning archaeological treasures to be found.
  • It's here where the world's largest cave son is doing his thing.
  • There are eight Unesco World Heritage Sites in the area.
  • Exports of coffee and cashews are well-known.
  • Dog meat is consumed in large quantities.
  • The country is known as the "Nation of Rivers.


Are you thinking of traveling to Vietnam? It’s a beautiful country with a lot to offer tourists, but it can be tricky to know what to expect before you go. Here are some tips to help you get ready for your trip.

  1. Learn a little bit about the history and culture of Vietnam before you go. This will help you understand the people and the customs they follow.
  2.  Be prepared for a different climate than what you’re used to.

You now know everything you should and shouldn't do based on the information provided above. You will be given the required information to make your journey much easier. Before planning a vacation to Vietnam, you should read the preceding information and apply it to us for a better journey to Vietnam as a destination.



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